Ishan Shivanand

Pioneer of Meditative Innovation

About me

A citation from the Town of Hempstead, Long Island, for his outstanding philanthropy and philanthropic efforts during the COVID epidemic in May 2021.

A recognition from the City of Cincinnati, Ohio, in December 2019 for his efforts in developing focused, resilient business cultures by expanding human awareness through live conferences with millions of people from 150+ nations and five continents.

The City of Cerritos, Louisiana, honored Ishan and YOI in November 2019 for spreading the secrets of ancient sanatan shivyog knowledge for global well-being with millions throughout the world.

Ishan Shivanand, the son of Dr. Avdhoot Shivanand, is a distinguished dynamic Himalayan monk who has not only rewritten the rules of contemporary spirituality, but has also brought about remarkable self-transformation through his innovative, simplified mindfulness and meditative techniques carved out of ancient yogic modalities.

Ishan Shivanand, a child genius, has been outstanding in connecting millions across the world with old, Vedic, holistic healing methods that he decoded from ancient vedic science.

Shivanand's original and inventive qualities are best demonstrated in the invention of Yoga of Immortality protocols, which have benefited worldwide populations.

Ishan Shivanand's revolutionary "Yoga of Immortals" (YOI) curriculum has become a divine gift for the homestuck humans bound by Covid-19. During the lockdown time, its users and practitioners have seen significant changes in personal anxiety levels, mental calm, inner stability, and individual ideal health.

"Yoga of Immortals" has transformed the integrative health perspective, as well as the digital and physical wellness scene. It has been essential in addressing behavioral healthcare difficulties. It has improved health outcomes, personal sleep habits, individual productivity, and absenteeism, resulting in increased national financial strength.